Mike & Mo - Thailand Trip Oct 2007 - iPhone Pictures

I'll try and drop these in in chronological order. I didn't start taking pictures with my phone until the train to Chiang Mai, and even then didn't get into taking much until Ayutthaya, but forgive me.

Bangkok to Chiang Mai!

Tunnel from the back of the overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

Orange juice cup with breakfast -- some bizarre cross of Hello Kitty with a chicken costume and a shunt?

I don't even know. A sign on the train.

The front patio at Baan Oraphin, our guest house B&B in Chiang Mai. This is now my Happy Place.

Chiang Mai to Ayutthaya!

A view through the luggage racks in 2nd class on the train from Chiang Mai to Ayutthaya.

Toilet on the train -- they don't even pretend to have plumbing or a holding tank; your stuff just goes right out onto the tracks.

Tony's Place, where we had a couple of meals. Awesome green curry fried rice.

Warning: ruins pictures. This is a Buddha head that has grown into the tree over the years.

A chedi from one of the wats in Ayutthaya.

Stone Buddha, dressed. Dressing a Buddha statue brings merit in Buddhism.

Dry, cracked earth. It was so ridiculously hot that day.

Mo poking around the ruins.

Welcome to some more ruins.

I got all artsy. It sort of worked.

Huge golden Buddha, I've forgotten the name of the wat but it was one of the few active ones in Ayutthaya.

Awesome sign outside said Buddha. "Please keep your shoes on the lacks."

A hen and her chicks at Baan Lotus, where we stayed in Ayutthaya.

One of the two roosters with the brood.

Here we have the street outside Chang House, where we had dinner one night in Ayutthaya, by day.

Add a bunch of beer...

And more beer...

And more beer...

And before long you've been sitting at Chang House, drinking beer for hours, playing guitar and singing Hotel California with three locals who speak absolutely no English except for a bunch of classic rock songs.

A wild dog in the street outside Chang House.

Here's a traditional Thai toilet. You stand on that. There's a bucket of water to rinse it. I don't know.

Some guys playing basketball one night as we walked to the night market in Ayutthaya.

A super awesome shirt we saw at said market.

This is an ad on the 3rd class train from Ayutthaya back to Bangkok. The ingredients are 60% sardines, 27% tomato sauce, 12% soya oil, and 1% salt. That's a beverage. Mmm.

A rather Zakim-like bridge over Chao Phraya, I believe named for one of the Rama kings. A lot of things in the city are named Rama I, Rama IV, Rama VII, etc.

Our cooking school teacher informed us that when someone dies in Thailand, you set off fireworks to honor them. There are generally fireworks at least a few times a day, often during the day and you can only hear them somewhere.

A playground across the street from our last guest house in Bangkok, Phranakorn Norlen.