Cubicle Prank!

Everybody loves a good cube prank. That's why, this past Saturday during a painfully long and disastrous rollout, Chris and I decided to wall in Toby's cube upon realizing that the cubes were more modular than we'd thought. Simply unscrew the knob at the top and voilà, you can pull the panel right off. Now simply find a panel no one will miss and ta-da, you've successfully turned a cube with three walls and one-half wall with a door into a cube with four walls.
29 Jan 2008 10:50 am

Walnut Bars with Sunflower Seeds

We now have monthly bake-offs at work, themed. This month's was bars & brownies, so I decided to make this recipe I came across in some throw-away calendar from Thermador that we got in the mail for being new homeowners. They ended up looking just like the photo in the calendar, though reminded me of how much I hate baking.
24 Jan 2008 2:50 pm

STM 2007 Company Trip

First year was Vegas, second year was Cancun, third year back to Vegas. I only lost $400 and had a blast the whole time. Turns out I suck at golf, though. I guess I'll have to play more often. Even the team-building activities were cool, which you don't often get at a company outing. Here's, again, to working for one of the cooler companies around. (entry backdated)
18 Jan 2008 3:21 pm

NYE in Montreal

Per usual, we headed north to Quebec to ring in the new year. Fancy dinner, relaxing, and all that. Took a few pix of the weekend. (entry backdated)
3 Jan 2008 8:46 pm

Trip Advisor 2007 Holiday Party

Trip Advisor rented out the Hard Rock Cafe in town for all the TA family brands, Smarter Travel Media included. I'd like to think we taught them how to party. I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that my co-workers kick ass.
11 Dec 2007 11:14 am

Herman, the Little Christmas Tree That Could

We were way late getting a Christmas tree, so we ended up with a short & broad one. His name is Herman. Denali likes to eat him, but he doesn't mind. Fun fact: there are no fewer than five Star Wars ornaments on there. (entry backdated)
11 Dec 2007 11:14 am
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